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Acticell B3

Is applied to jeans to create worn look effects. The bleaching effect appears during a heating process.

For mild bleaching effects only.
This product is approved according to GOTS and the ToxFMD Screened Chemistry® Program.
Acticell B3 is listed in the ZDHC Gateway.


Apply this product on denim garments by spray.
No activation of the chemical needed. Use it as received or dilute it with water.

Bleaching occurs during a heating step in the oven or tumbler.

Use for mild bleaching effects.

- No further activation with other chemicals needed
- Good visibility during spraying
- Creates a natural look
- No negative effect to garment physical attributes

- ToxFMD Screened Chemistry® Program
- Listed in the ZDHC Gateway

Product Information

- liquid product
- neutral pH
- dilute with water
- supplied in 65 kg drums or 1.100 kg IBCs

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