Who We Are

Who We Are

We are an interdisciplinary team of young and dedicated researchers, business developers, and textile experts committed to developing and selling environmentally friendly, non-toxic textile chemicals. As a team, we capitalize on our broad expertise and experience to serve the textile industry around the world.

Our environmentally friendly products allow clients to bleach and dye jeans without harming the environment, as corroborated by our certifications, including GOTS. Associated benefits include lower carbon dioxide emissions and less energy and water consumption compared to existing traditional technologies. All our products are gentle on the environment and they considerably improve health and safety conditions for workers who handle them.

Companies that decide to replace existing harmful technologies with our environmentally friendly and non-toxic products and procedures will safeguard workers’ health and safety. We develop new products and optimize existing products on an ongoing basis, which helps us make a positive contribution to a livable planet now and in the future.

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