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Novel dyeing effects

This treatment has been created for the surface modification of textile fabrics. It changes the surface of textile fabrics to allow them to absorb more chemicals, for example dyestuff. This translates into more pronounced effects as well as richer and more intense colors. At the same time, it allows manufacturers to use less dyestuff and auxiliaries.

Denim bleaching

This treatment has been designed to achieve bleaching effects similar to potassium permanganate bleach. It is also perfect as an alternate product to achieve localized bleaching effects. The desired effect can be reached at any temperature (e.g. room temperature or 60°C). This product is GOTS approved.

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Enzyme booster

This is a pre-treatment for fabrics and garments that improves enzymatic action (e.g. cellulases). Use this environmentally friendly and GOTS-approved product to achieve a bleaching effect that is comparable to sandblasting without any of the harmful effects.